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Elderly Companion Care That Improves Social Engagement

The ability to age in place in the comfort of your own home is a beautiful privilege, and it’s where most people wish to live as they get older instead of moving into a care facility. After all, home is where we make our most treasured memories and where we feel most at ease.

However, aging in place can also be a bit lonely.  A spouse may pass away. Family members might move to a different area. Limited mobility could make getting out of the house more challenging. Age-related issues like these can cause a senior loved one to feel isolated, leading to depression and other health problems. Fortunately, companion care services, like those offered by Grace Home Care, can help!

What is Companion Care for Seniors?

Staying social with age is vital for a person’s mental and physical health. Senior companionship services can help older loved ones stay active, even when living alone or far from family and friends. With the help of a professional elderly companion, seniors can stay socially engaged, mentally stimulated, and active within their community and with loved ones.

Our senior companionship services can include:

  • Friendly conversation that allows seniors to share stories, talk about their feelings, etc.
  • Engagement in mentally stimulating games, puzzles, and other activities
  • Reading together
  • Listening to music
  • Preparing and sharing meals together
  • Transportation to social events and doctor’s appointments
  • Assistance with exercise and taking walks
  • And much more

Our companion caregivers are dedicated to helping older adults live safer, happier, and more engaged lives in the places they love most. They are highly skilled at interacting with seniors meaningfully and helping them feel cared for and cared about.

Learn More About Companion Care

Want to help a senior loved one feel more active, engaged, and social? Our team of companion care experts is here to help. Contact us online or at 785-286-2273 for more information. Grace Home Care proudly provides companion care for seniors throughout the Topeka area.

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