holiday tips for seniors

The holidays have finally arrived! Friends and families gather together from near and far to reminisce, celebrate, and share in the feelings of love and joy that make this time of year so meaningful. And without a doubt, what would the holiday season be without all of the festive decorations to enhance our living areas and kindle memories of treasured holidays from the past?

As enjoyable as it is to dive into decorating, the following holiday tips for seniors are essential keep in mind to ensure that the season remains free of potential problems:

  • Skip fires. While chestnuts roasting on an open fire does sound lovely in a song, candles and fireplaces are primary contributing factors to holiday fires. Battery-powered candles are a much safer alternative to provide a warm and cozy environment.
  • Choose synthetic. If the senior would like a tree to decorate, a safe and easy-to-maintain choice is an artificial tree in place of a live one. And take special care with ornaments. Although traditional decorations are truly a treasure, some of them are made from fragile glass. One solution to keep both the older person and his or her ornaments safe is to carefully pull out and enjoy viewing and sharing stories about fragile glass ornaments, but then display only shatter-proof decorations on the tree itself.
  • Prevent electrical accidents. Carefully check strands of lights and other decorations that require electricity, in addition to extension cords, to make sure they’re free of damage or fraying. Revised guidelines for holiday lights were identified in 2015 by the Consumer Product Safety Commission to include details such as over-current protection, a minimum wire size, and other criteria, so it’s a good idea to replace any older electric decorations with newer, less hazardous ones. And, make sure to unplug all lights and decorations when they’re unattended, particularly when leaving the home or going to bed.

Another great way to ensure seniors stay safe and thoroughly enjoy the holiday season is by partnering with a professional home care agency, such as Grace Home Care. We offer families the opportunity to step back from the hustle and bustle and make the most of quality time together, by helping with a variety of senior care needs, such as:

  • Housecleaning and laundry
  • Planning and preparing meals
  • Personal care needs, such as showering/bathing, hair care, dressing, etc.
  • Running errands
  • Transportation to fun events, visits with friends and family, medical appointments, etc.
  • Pleasant companionship to participate in favorite activities and pastimes together
  • And so much more

Our care team is fully trained and experienced in providing the Auburn home care services that enhance quality of life for older adults, right where they are most comfortable: at home. Contact us at 785.286.CARE for more holiday tips for seniors, or to arrange for a free in-home assessment to learn how our customized senior care can help your loved one.