Young caregiver talks with senior woman about in-home care solutions

It wasn’t long ago when there was a general presumption that when we grow older, we’ll naturally need to relocate into a nursing home or assisted living facility. There is now a better understanding that living at home throughout aging with in-home support is actually a feasible option. There is also more extensive information since the pandemic began that growing older at home is the preferred and safest choice.

So, how might you determine whether in-home care solutions are ideal for someone you love? To begin with, you’ll need to take into consideration his or her level of functionality in these two areas:

  • Activities of Daily Living: These consist of daily tasks like bathing/showering, getting dressed, getting out of and into a chair or bed, using the bathroom, walking, and eating.
  • Instrumental Activities of Daily Living: These tasks consist of cooking, money management, housekeeping, shopping, taking medications properly, transportation and using the phone.

If a senior is challenged by some of these types of activities, home care can be very helpful in increasing both safety and independence. Not only that, but in-home care from an experienced agency, like Grace Home Care, offers a wide variety of other benefits, including:

  1. An improved level of overall wellbeing comes from remaining in the older adult’s environment of choice, where he or she is most comfortable.
  2. An in-home caregiver provides the socialization which is necessary for emotional and physical health. Throughout the isolating months of the pandemic, the need for regular social contact became glaringly apparent.
  3. Home care services promote healing after a surgical procedure or hospital stay, and lower the danger for re-hospitalizations.
  4. Home care allows seniors and their friends and family to enjoy more quality time together. A caregiver who helps with daily chores and errands frees up family members from these tasks. And often, older adults feel more comfortable having personal care needs tended to by a care professional as opposed to a member of the family.
  5. Home care services are highly customized, based around each individual’s unique needs, schedule, routines, and requests.
  6. With the one-on-one care provided by an in-home caregiver, care is not shared with other residents as in a facility setting – meaning needs can be met immediately without waiting for a senior’s turn.
  7. A healthier lifestyle is possible for older adults receiving home care. Caregivers can prepare nutritious meals that are appealing, provide medication reminders, offer motivation and encouragement to stay physically active, and so much more.
  8. With transportation and accompaniment provided by the caregiver, a loved one can remain engaged in the community through outings to fun destinations, visits with friends, lunch dates, religious services and more.

At Grace Home Care, we are honored to serve seniors throughout Topeka, Kansas, with in-home care services that make life the very best it can be throughout the aging process. Our caregivers are background checked, fully trained, and experienced in a wide range of older adult care needs in the home. Email or call us any time at 785-286-2273 for a no-cost in-home consultation to learn more about our home and senior care in Topeka, KS and the surrounding areas.