Elderly Care Services

Determining the best care solution for a senior loved one is one of the most significant as well as overwhelming decisions you will face. Ensuring the safety and security of the older adult is very important, but there are a number of other considerations as well, including whether the older adult’s quality of life and ability to thrive and remain independent will be a main priority.

AARP offers a helpful checklist of questions to inquire about when exploring elderly care services, such as:

  • Is the agency licensed?
  • What services are typically provided?
  • How long before services can begin?
  • Are caregivers trained and dependable?
  • Is there a process set up for conducting background checks, bonding and insuring staff, supervision?
  • What occurs if a caregiver doesn’t show up on time (or at all)?
  • Can a different caregiver be requested in the event that you do not like the one assigned?
  • Are there any customer testimonials or reviews you are able to read?
  • Will the senior be given a personalized plan of care?
  • How many years has the agency been in business?

It is also important to confirm that the caregiver is a hired employee from an established agency, rather than a contractor referred by a registry service, or a person hired through a classified ad, because:

  • Taxes as well as other mandatory federal and state requirements are covered. Hiring a caregiver independently makes YOU the employer, meaning you will be responsible for all taxes, unemployment insurance, worker’s compensation, etc., and, you’ll be liable for medical and other expenses in the event the caregiver was to become injured on the job. A professional home care agency assumes the role of employer for its caregivers, alleviating these concerns for older adults and their loved ones.
  • Full vetting and supervision of caregivers improves safety. Regrettably, the risk of exploitation and abuse of older adults is elevated when employing an independent caregiver, whether financial, physical, or emotional. Respected home care agencies offer supervision as well as extensive background and reference checks, bonding and insurance, along with other safeguards to protect seniors. Not just that, but in case an older adult’s primary caregiver became ill or took a break for vacation, an equally qualified and dependable replacement caregiver is provided.
  • Initial and ongoing training increase caregiver excellence. Agencies that provide significant training for their care staff make sure skills are always as sharp as they possibly can be, and that any new strategies established in the industry are utilized – meaning an increased degree of care over an independent caregiver who may not have the same opportunities for professional development.

Grace Home Care’s senior care experts are happy to meet each of these criteria and a lot more. As a proud member of the Briggs Home Care family of agencies, we are committed to meeting the varied needs of our clients – from companionship and light housekeeping assistance to chronic and emerging health issues, and everything in between. We take great pride in ensuring our team receives ongoing caregiver training, so you can feel confident in knowing our caregivers are top notch and continuously improving their skills, while offering the safe, dependable, and compassionate care necessary to make life the best it can be.

Email or call our senior care experts at 785-286-2273 so that we can answer any extra questions you may have about our home care services, or to request a free in-home assessment. To find out if our top-rated home care services are available in your area, please visit this page on our website.