healthy aging

We understand the multiple benefits to remaining physically active as we grow older – decreased risk of stroke and heart attack, obesity, diabetes, and more. But it is similarly necessary to keep our brains active and healthy, and as September is Healthy Aging Month, Grace Home Care knows it is the ideal time to work through this simple checklist to make certain that we and our senior loved ones are taking the appropriate measures to stretch and strengthen our minds.

  1. Keep moving. Exercise is a critical aspect in the growth of new brain cells and restoration of those in need of repair. Additionally, it contributes to our condition of alertness and efficiency during the course of the day, according to Owen Carmichael, Pennington Biomedical Research Center’s associate professor and director of biomedical imaging.
  2. Always learn something new. Receiving a college degree should never signal the close of our education, and continuous learning is vital to a healthy brain. The good news is, any sort of learning at all is helpful, whether that’s an advanced calculus class or simply picking up a new hobby such as crocheting, a musical instrument, or a new language. It can even entail such new accomplishments as learning to write or comb your hair with your non-dominant hand.
  3. Remain calm. In the process of staying physically and mentally alert and active, it’s very important to integrate sufficient downtime to rest and to ensure sufficient amounts of sleep. Put aside specific time every day for relaxing, enjoyable activities such as reading, writing in a diary, spending time outdoors, etc.
  4. Eat healthy. Help to guard your brain against risk of disease and cognitive impairment with a diet high in monounsaturated fats (including those found in avocados and olive oil) and low in saturated fats (like butter, cheese and beef).
  5. Stay social. Recent research linked isolation and decreased socialization with a heightened risk of dementia. Plan frequent lunch dates, card games, and social times with friends and loved ones, and join a club or activity to build new friendships.

Grace Home Care’s Topeka home care services can aid in a wide variety of ways to help keep seniors active, engaged and thriving! Our trained, experienced and friendly senior care specialists are experienced in providing companionship to improve socialization, creating delicious, nutritious meals, offering safe, reliable transportation and accompaniment to exercise programs, classes and activities of interest, and so much more! Celebrate Healthy Aging Month by reaching out to us at 785.286.CARE to learn more about how our individualized in-home care services can enhance quality of life for your senior loved one!