Senior Fitness

It’s understandable for older individuals to reduce their activity levels when contending with such challenges as persistent pain, joint and muscle stiffness, and overall exhaustion. However, lack of exercise can sometimes worsen the very problems seniors are intending to manage by keeping away from exercise. The Topeka area senior care experts at Grace Home Care know the remedy lies in determining which activities will increase energy levels and safely relieve troublesome aches and pains.

Though the very first step to improving senior health and fitness levels should always be a visit with the senior’s doctor to receive his or her recommendations and approval, the following three kinds of activities are a marvelous way to get started on a much healthier lifestyle:

  • Strength training. Per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), seniors should engage in strength training routines at least twice a week. This can involve an activity as uncomplicated as lifting 1- or 2-pound weights to improve arm strength, along with squats and lunges for leg and core strengthening. Altered push-ups are also recommended, from a standing position and pushing back against a wall. Strength training workouts can be located at a number of community clubs and senior centers.
  • Enhancing balance. Particularly essential to prevent the danger of a fall, older adults can improve balance through formalized classes such as tai chi or yoga, or through simple everyday techniques such as holding onto the back of a chair while standing, raising one leg with a slightly bent knee, and maintaining for a count of ten. Ten repetitions with each leg a few times each week is helpful.
  • Flexibility improvement. Beginning with a warmup of marching in place or a brief walk, stretching exercises can aid in relieving stiff muscles and make activities of daily living, such as getting dressed, reaching up to retrieve items from shelves, and changing positions easier and safer. One beneficial neck stretch entails simply turning the head to one side until a slight sensation of stretching is experienced, holding for between 10 and 30 seconds, and then carefully turning back to the beginning position, repeating on each side three times.

For more senior fitness resources, call on the Topeka senior care professionals at Grace Home Care. Our skilled care team offers encouragement and motivation for older adults to remain active and engaged in exercising, provides accompanied transportation to senior fitness programs, and serves as a caring companion to make staying active fun! Call us any time at 785.286.CARE to find out more.